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Our holiday homes in Ilomantsi

Varpopirtit is the collective name of two holiday cottages located in Haukivaara area of Ilomantsi. Both holiday homes are well-equipped wooden cottages suitable for year-round use. Each cottage can accommodate up to 12 persons.

Cottage 1


        The main building:
  • Accomodation for 10-12 persons
  • Kitchen: dishes, coffee maker/ electric kettle, toaster, refrigerator-freezer with ice maker, dishwasher, separate oven, induction cooktop with hood, microwave oven
  • Three flat screen TVs: 50", 32" and 24"
  • Electric sauna, two toilets, fireplace and ventilation
  • Wood-fired lakeside sauna
  • Accommodation for two persons
  • Cauldron and tap water from municipal water supply
  • Dock
        BBQ hut:
  • Room for ca 15-20 persons
  • Equipment for making glow-fried salmon, griddle pan, coffee pot for making 'cowboy coffee', sticks for roasting sausages, BBQ equipment
  • Seat cushions
        Other amenities:
  • Dog kennel and dog house for two dogs

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Cottage 2

        The main building:
  • Accomodation for 10-12 persons
  • Kitchen: dishes, coffee maker, dishwasher, electric cooker/oven, microwave oven, refrigerator-freezer
  • Washing machine
  • Two flat screen TVs: 32" and 24"
  • Toilet
  • Two fireplaces, baking oven and air source heat pump
  • tap water from well
        Other amenities:
  • Lakeside sauna
  • BBQ hut
  • Childfriendly shallow beach
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