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Northern Karelia's unspoiled nature lends itself well to a variety of outdoor activities!

Hunting and fishing

With a guest permit you can go hunting in the nearby forest on lands owned by the local hunting clubs.

In addition to the lake whose shores the cottages are located on, the diverse waterways of Northern Karelia offer ample of fishing opportunities, e.g. the Jänisjoki river flowing nearby.

Picking berries and mushrooms

The forests in Northern Carelia are second to none for berry pickers and mushroom hunters! Blueberries, lingonberries and raspberries, as well as chanterelles, ceps (porcini) and other mushrooms are waiting to be picked in the season!


In wintertime you can enjoy x-country skiing trips on the lands near the cottage or in the Parppeinvaara area in Ilomantsi.


We arrange tours to the nearby wild boar ranch Villi-ilo. The guide is the ranch owner. Be adventurous and taste real wild boar delicacies on the ranch.

Celebrate Easter in accordance with Greek-Ortodox traditions in Ilomantsi

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